Closing, glazing with glass clear PVC tarpaulin

A significantly better solution for glazing compared to classic glazing (comparing price). We glaze terraces, balconies, summer kitchens, canopies and other facilities. Glazing the terrace with PVC window tarpaulin.

vacation house patio clear glass pvc

Glazing the terrace with PVC window tarpaulin.

winter garden pvc clear glas closure
Canopy glazing with a transparent PVC membrane.
Snow and -3 degrees outside, +17 degrees inside.

Closing the stable with a transparent PVC tarpaulin

barn house glass clear tarp wall

Canopy glazing with entrance - zippered door. Opening and closing the side with a roll system.

glazing pergola canopy transparent pvc tarp

Closing patio with waterproof clear window pvc tarpaulin

porch clear window tarpaulin curtain

Clear glass transparent pvc tarpaulin patio closure

clear glass tarp pergola canopy closure

Closure patio of bar with heavy duty glass clear pvc tarpaulin

glazing patio of bar

Outdoor garden kitchen closure

outdoor garden kitchen closure
Closing the summer kitchen with a PVC transparent tarpaulin for use even on colder and windy days.
The effect is very similar to classic glazing.
The price of glazing with a PVC membrane is significantly lower than closing rooms with glass.

Glass clear tarp garden outdoor kitchen curtain

glass clear tarp garden outdoor kitchen curtain

Restaurant patio clear glass side curtains

restaurant patio clear glass curtains closure

Camping house canopy pergola glass clear roll closure

camping house canopy pergola closure

Rolo canopy pergola clear glass pvc closure

rolo canopy pergola clear glass closure
Canopy glazing - terrace with summer kitchen.
We closed the room with a transparent in combination with a colored PVC tarpaulin.
A roll system is also installed for quick opening and closing of the tarpaulin.