Custom boat covers

Tarpaulin (tarpaulin) for speedboat Tecnofiber

covers for powerboat tecnofiber

Saver 690 Cabin boat tarp, bottom pocket and additional straps for fastening

tarpaulin cover for boat saver 690

Tarpaulin for "camping" on a boat (Novomar 600)
We designed and manufactured a tarpaulin suitable also for sleeping on a inflatable boat.
We closed the inflatable boat from all sides. All sides can be quickly opened and removed.

inflatable boat camper cover

Bimini - awning for a inflatable boat.
We have added a removable extension to the awning - bimini, which adds significantly more shade to the space in the boat.

bimini top with front detachable extension

Rigid inflatable boat cover.

rigid inflatable boat cover

We made a tarpaulin for winterizing the Bavaria 27 (length 8.95, width 2.98 m).
We installed a transparent tarpaulin on the upper part, where the solar collectors are located.
There are two telescopic supports with a vent on the bow.
We installed vents on the sides for better air circulation.
We cut the tarpaulin slightly lower to prevent dirt and dust from reaching the lower parts of the vessel.
Access to the vessel is possible through a door at the stern made of a nautical zipper and a catch hook.
Oval inflatable pool cover - testing before delivery.

winter transport boat cover for bavaria 27

We have made a transport tarpaulin for the saver 650 motor boat, also suitable for wintering.

winter transport boat cover for saver 650

Telescopic awning - bimini for Tiger marine, Topline 650
You can easily pull out the telescopic bimini and gain additional shading, especially for the front part of the vessel.

telescopic bimini top

Making biminis. The constructions are made of salt-resistant stainless steel.
The roofs are covered with nautical UV-resistant acrylic fabric. We use the best threads for sewing.
The products are durable and resistant to various weather conditions.
The photo shows the Banta 545 vessel, for which we made a bimini and a tarpaulin.

stainless steel bimini top

Camper boat cover

camper boat cover

Camper boat cover for Riviera 24

camper boat cover for riviera 24

When making the bimini, we also made a removable side shade for the Tiger marine inflatable boat, Topline 650.

boat side shading